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About Andy

Andy Tyler

Hi. I’m a London-based freelance portrait, editorial and commercial photographer.

I’ve been taking photos since long before digital cameras hit the mainstream. Remember that? I do. I got my first digital camera, a Sony Cybershot DSC-S75, in 2001 when I was 18. It had 3.3 megapixels and was nearly the size of a DSLR today! I loved that camera.

Anyway, since 2001 I’ve gone through five cameras, multiple lenses and learned a whole lot about different styles and approaches to photography.

My favourite genre of photography is portraits. I love the challenge and art of capturing the essence of a person in a still image. Their expression, their environment, and their relationship with the photographer all play an enormous part in capturing the perfect portrait. I like to think I am able to build relationships with the people I photograph in order to make them feel at ease and comfortable with the camera. I think people I’ve photographed would agree.

Despite portraits being a focus of mine, I love taking photos of all sorts. I enjoy capturing events, both formal events such as weddings and bar-mitzvot, as well as larger public events, reportage style.

I also love capturing live music, be it in bars, clubs, or concerts.

Travel is also a passion of mine and my camera is never left behind; capturing landscapes, people, wildlife and nature.

Please do visit my website, AndyTylerPhotography.co.uk to see my most up to date portfolio.

Please get in touch on hello@andytylerphotography.co.uk


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